Under The Moon

There’s a sci fi and fantasy book I’m writing,

written completely in poetry.

Here is the title poem.

What do you think???

Under the moon

Lay the greying lands

Under the stars

Where the watchman stands

A stirring mist

Snakes a wicked path

And all that sleep

This night won’t last


Under the moon

In the dead of night

The darkest places

Whisper with fright

Eyes in the shadows

For the magic that lurks

And all about

There’s evil at work


Under the moon

Still waters murmur

The ghost of her tears

From memories that linger

The past that they cling to

And the future they’ll break

For the revenge they embrace

No mortal can take


Under the moon

Blue mists are sweeping

Tiptoeing the path

Through innocence creeping

No-one is safe

In the dark tonight

Pack your bags, wake the children

Lock the doors, take flight…



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