The Daily Prompt – Fleeting

A new post in response to a one-word prompt here…

In Victorian Britain, Goldfinches were captured in their thousands.

Their fate? To be kept tied to tiny perches in miniature cages in homes, confined and flightless, for one key reason … their enchanting song.

I had never seen this beautiful bird … until last summer.

I was in my home and suddenly became aware of the most enchanting music coming from my garden. It was hypnotic, mesmerising and compelling. I ventured into my garden to try and find the source of this most magical sound. I felt under a kind of spell. Never had I heard a sound like this.

There, stood on my rooftop, the unmistakeable greeny-brown plumage and red and yellow markings of a Goldfinch.

I stood, willing this dreamlike creature to stay with me. Drowning in its drug. But, all too soon, it was gone.

Now, every day I wait … for one more fleeting encounter with a Goldfinch.




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