Daily Prompt: Saga

Daily Prompt: Saga

One day, if I’m a little bit talented and a big bit lucky, I hope the latest novel I am writing will become a saga.

Characters people want to read more about, whether they love them or hate them, making stories that readers can’t tear themselves away from at night.

I’ve been a writer since I was 4 years old. I’m 40 now and I’ve begun to wonder whether fiction is an area of my work I should give up on – having not had a novel published.

But for my own saga, the saga of this character called me, it’s simply a case of ‘write or die’.

Here’s the opening paragraph of the book in question:

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3pm: The woman clung to the black iron railings as heavy rainfall drenched her green jumper, rendering it cumbersome and coarse. Black mascara streaks veined her blushing cheeks. She trembled from violent terror but not the cold. Looking skyward at the grey density of the afternoon’s canvas she whispered the name: “Sophie.”



10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Saga

      1. I approached literally dozens of agents. Most never replied at all and the few who did just said either ‘no thank you’ or ‘wonderful interesting story but no thank you’. It’s a lot easier to snag a small publisher but most of them won’t sell your book. The sad truth.

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      2. I guess if you self publish you are going to have to come up with a marketing campaign on your own anyway, so if a small publisher takes it on at least you don’t have to worry about production costs, there’s a vote of commercial confidence and if you are doing your own marketing you’ve lost nothing… this is kind of where I’m thinking of going next. And it’s step one on the ladder. If it does well, a lot more people are going to suddenly be interested in you x


      3. That’s the theory, and it works for some people. You have to be confident and tenacious. Self publishing means you have to do all the slog yourself, but you can do exactly what you want in terms of promotion, and if it works, you get to keep all the profits. With a publisher, they set the pace, do (or don’t do) the marketing and keep most of the eventual benefits.

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