Make Your Own Tomato Feed

It costs nothing at all, it’s easy and takes very little effort. Why not start making your own tomato feed at home?

All you need is a comfrey plant in your garden, which will grow back year after year.

Left to soak in water, the leaves of a comfrey create an organic potassium-rich feed.

In winter, your comfrey plant will look like it’s died away, do not fear. As soon as the weather warms up it will quickly start to grow again.

Once you have a plant covered in fresh, bright green leaves, cut them off and place them in a container and cover with water. You can either use a container with a lid or, as I do, use a bucket and cover with a cardboard lid (I had these left over from when I moved house).

Pop your concoction in the back of the shed.

Check on this regular and when you lift the lid and are thrown backward by the terrible stench that hits your nostrils, you know it’s ready.

Depending on how much water you have used, your mixture will be very concentrated and will need diluting before you use it. As a rule, the darker it is the more you’ll need to dilute it.

Potassium feed should only be used once the first fruits start to set on your tomato plants. Use once a week.

Tomato corner at my house…




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