Sweet peas growing through winter? How???

These beautiful sweet peas are already flowering in my garden from self seeded plants, which have been growing all through winter.
If you grow sweet peas you must vigilantly remove dead flowers to stop them going to seed and keep your plant flowering – by doing this I have flowers May to September. But at the end of the season I allow seeds pods from the last of the flowers to develop and drop their seeds.
These sweet peas are hardy annuals that should, nonetheless (if sown in autumn) be put into a coldframe or greenhouse over winter. How on earth have mine survived outside through snow, frost and ice? The seedlings should have died in the first winter frosts!!!
Firstly, when a plant grows well you can be sure it is happy where it lives – its position, exposure to sun or/and shade, the condition of the soil, everything…
Seeds which are allowed to drop and grow in the same position have a head start because they are in a place they are guaranteed to be happy as well.
But more than that, happy plants are strong plants, and the seeds inherit all that strength. It’s like a blueprint to grow well under exactly the same conditions.
Basically, seeds that drop and grow where their parents lived are tough little soldiers indeed.



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