Too much beauty, makes my soul ache

Without doubt, the most beautiful flowers in my garden right now are these Hymenocallis festalis or Peruvian daffodils. Be warned, these flowered will mesmerise you…

Make Your Own Tomato Feed

It costs nothing at all, it’s easy and takes very little effort. Why not start making your own tomato feed at home? All you need is a comfrey plant in your garden, which will grow back year after year. Left to soak in water, the leaves of a comfrey create an organic potassium-rich feed. In…

The mini white allium gallery

Getting drunk in the sunshine before lunch is only acceptable if you are a bee: Stunning orbs of white; my beautiful mini alliums; sit pretty in morning light:

Chive flower; my fave

Always feel very blessed when the chive flowers show their faces. Such beauty, with their little pom-pom, pink heads. And the chives themselves are great this time of year chopped with Charlotte potatoes.


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Longing for Gravity (Daily Prompt)

“You are on a mission to Mars. Because of the length of of the journey, you will never be able to return to Earth. What about our blue planet will you miss the most?” (Daily Prompt) It’s simply really (apart from books of course) … the Lake District in my beautiful England: (All images by Dawn…

Six (pages 11-16)

The next five pages of Six Years, Six Days – a crime novel by Dawn Hinsley Read pages 1-5 and pages 6-10   9.25pm: The vehicle made a slow circle around the park – white houses with black doors and iron railings encircled the entire urban green space. There was little human traffic out on…